Monday, August 14, 2006

Fabolous - Monkey Business

I got this in an email yesterday (thank you, to everyone who have been sending music in), and took a couple of listens this morning (okay, about 10 listens to make sure I wasn't hearing things).

It's just another track with Fabolous bragging because, that's what he does best. What makes this track stand out though? The last few seconds...

"Makes a little sense. Makes a little sense over there at Def Jam.

Got my boy Luda in September, Jeezy in October, Hov and Nas in November..

Finish up the year right, guess who?"

So what I'm curious to know is, by "Hov and Nas in November," is he saying Hov, is on Nas' album of which releases in November or... is Jay dropping that *Album no one really talks about but, do.* the same month Nas' album drops?

Wouldn't that affect sales? Overshadow Nas' long awaited release off of his highly publicized signing to Def Jam? Kill all buzz that was created for the album?

or is that what Jay had in mind all along?